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There are three 10 mm bolts, one on either side of the seat as shown and one near the middle of the seat. Note the yellow wire for the external charging port. The three sensor connectors sit above the positive and negative wires. Note the small metal thermal sensor tabs on each stick. Intermediate Reconditioning NiMh hybrid car battery packs is time-consuming—you cannot rush it! It was not something I needed, but it did have only , miles on the odometer and some nice custom features—and it was cheap! Plus, it had been well-maintained: All the dealer checkups and service had been properly performed.


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Apr 04,  · Best Answer: A Amp hook-up is still V, just like your outlets at home. A Amp outlet just uses a different plug. A Amp outlet just uses a different plug. But every campground I’ve ever visited (quite a few) also provide standard Amp or Amp outlets, either of which will accept normal household : Resolved.

He goes out there with a ‘ pole and does “something”. What is he doing?? If he gets them close enough together to arc, will they fuse back together?? When he leaves, he disconnects them too. He can do this multiple times each day. Many of us are curious what he’s doing and how he’s doing it. Depending on how the power company “cut the leads”, he may be simply reversing the process. In actuality, many modern power poles have both cartridge fuses and a trip-out interrupter for lightning and overload protection, all located near the top of the power pole next to or just above the pole transformer s.

Depending on the design, one can replace the fuses while standing on the ground, using a long insulated pole with a small fitting on top. Even more easily, the pole can be used to either flip the trip-out open or closed.

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This includes lots of electrical appliances and devices. Watts, or overall power, is a product of current, or amps, and voltage. If you want to know how many different electrical devices you can have on at one time in your RV or in your home, for that matter , this formula will tell you.

i have a l male plug and i am wiring it direct to the panel with 10/3 to get power all the screws r the same color i have x y w g i belived g is ground w is white and x & y are hot but i hooked it up that way and wired a 30 amp breaker up black & red hot and white to nuteral bar with the breaker on off i blows the genrator fuse. a freind.

By Go Green In Your Home in Electricity Conversions For those of you out there wanting to save electricity one of the formulas you will need to know is the formula to calculate your kWh usage or elecricity usage. This way you know what each device in your home is using. So you know where you can cut your costs in your home. The information found here will teach you what is a kilowatt hour, how to calculate kWh , convert watts to kWh, and more!

First of all kWh stands for Kilowatt Hours. This is usually what you will see on your electricity bill or electricity statement when you receive it. The electric comany knows how much electricity you are using by reading your kWh meter. You will also have the electricity cost per kWh listed on your electric bill so you know what each kWh is costing you. A kilowatt hour is a measurment of how many kilowatts are used in a hour. Most electrical devices will have printed on them how many watts they are using, which it takes watts to equal 1 kilowatt.

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Sep 27,  · Newer PUP’s have a 30 amp service, the cord is larger and the plug on the end of it the blades are angled. Big RV’s can have up to a 50 amp service. I did the PUP cords first now the campsites. Most that have a 50 amp service will also have a 30 amp outlet and a 15 amp outlet. Most 30 amp service will also have a 15 amp outlet.

Imagine yourself standing with a garden hose, ready to soak some unsuspecting passerby. The hose has water pressure and the water will flow through the hose onto the passerby when you open the nozzle. Prior to spraying, though, you stop and think about the similarities between water flow in a hose and electrical current flow in a wire. You know that a pump, operating somewhere, creates the water pressure in the hose, which is measured in pounds per square inch psi.

That water pressure places the water in a “Ready to Flow” state. Similarly, an electric generator creates an electromotive force EMF , which is measured in volts. Now if you open the nozzle of that water hose, the unsuspecting passerby will get drenched with a flow of water. That water flow gets described in gallons per minute gpm. The electrical rate of flow is defined as Current I and gets measured in Amps.

In order for a motor to turn or a light bulb illuminate, current must flow.

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Besides the many environmental benefits, the promise of energy security, the silky-smooth driving experience with instant torque available without delay, and low maintenance, one of the best characteristics of electric vehicles is how little they cost to operate. Just as with gasoline cars, some electric vehicles are more efficient than others, and the average EV needs about 30 kWh of electricity to power the vehicle for miles. The Chevrolet Bolt is currently the most efficient electric car and has a combined consumption rating of 28 kWh per miles.

The average cost of electricity in the US is 12 cents per kWh.

Just add up all the Watts of the appliances you want to use at the same time, and make sure it stays below the amount of Watts on the campsite’s Electric Hook-Up. Low-Wattage Appliances for Camping Below are some examples of low-wattage appliances you can use for camping.

Hooking up a amp vehicle to a amp power pedestal whenever possible will help protect the long-term dependability of appliances in your rig, Finch says. The breakers for the electrical systems in most campgrounds are designed with a tolerance of percent, plus or minus. If breakers tripped at exactly 30 amps, they would cost much more — perhaps 10 times as much — as breakers normally used. A amp outlet supplies 3, watts 30 amps multiplied by volts.

Therefore, the breaker on that outlet could meet code and still trip anywhere between a total load of 2, watts 80 percent of 3, watts and 4, watts percent of 3, watts. That sets up a situation where the breaker on a amp outlet may not trip until the load exceeds 4, watts. For amp service, however, the potential amount of power used — 12, watts, or 50 amps times volts — represents more than three times as much possible demand as amp service.

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Comment Subscribe to comments with RSS. William Briggs I am buying a high pressure sprayer with 12v, 20 amp motor. What battery should I use to be able to run for 3 hrs without recharging. Also what type recharger would you recommend? It will depend on the chemistry of battery you want to buy. Once you input your figures into the calculator it will tell you what AH rating is needed based on the battery you select.

Oct 03,  · A “hook-up” means great sex. You do not need hook-ups if you are camping in a tent. Sites without hook-ups are usually much cheaper. Look for tent sites instead and hope that you can find soft ground instead of the hard pads built for recreational : Resolved.

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Aug 07,  · What I’m getting so far is that, roughly speaking, amps measure the quantity of electricity available/being drawn. Volts are like the intensity of electricity, or maybe just a different type of delivery of the electricity. 12 volts is always dc, like in a car, and volts is always ac, like in a house. I have no idea what watts are.

Power over Ethernet POE Explained Part 2 – Demystifying POE Myths and misconceptions POE is a recently-developed technology, and many people are put off adopting it by the raft of conflicting or out-of-date information that is available on the subject. Here are the most common misconceptions: POE has compatibility problems. It is true that the early days of POE, many home-brewed and proprietary schemes were employed to get power over network cables. However, the IEEE POE requires electrical knowledge.

Again, early ad-hoc implementations may have required careful design, but IEEE All the user has to do is wire up the network as normal, and the equipment will take care of power delivery. POE requires special wiring.

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